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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 14:24

Spring Creek Reward


"I really enjoyed reading Spring Creek Reward.  Jay Ford Thurston is a gifted writer; and I don't know anyone who knows more about trout fishing."
Larry Meiller, Wisconsin Public Radio, 8-27-14

"Chapter 37 is titled, The Perfect Trout Day.  Imagine this: It's going to be a great day.  The sun is shining in a blue sky.  Well, maybe that's true for wash day, but not for fishing trout. Thurston says"
Jerry Davis, Wis. State Journal 3-9-14

"I thought I knew everything about trout streams.  But thanks to that book (Spring Creek Reward) I had my best big trout day ever earlier this month (July). I caught and released more than 20 fish over 15 inches in one overcast afternoon."
Tim Nicholson, Madison, WI., Outdoor News, 8-8-14

"I stopped to visit Thurston who live in Viroqua and writes extensively about trout fishing in Coulee Country.  He was not surprised we had done well. 'I catch more big trout in July than any other month,' He told me.  'Their metabollism is highest now, so they need to consume more food than in the cooler months."
Dan Small, Outdoor News, 8-8-14

Product Description

Spring Creek Reward is the third trout book by Jay Ford Thurston, and his second book devoted to fishing wild trout in spring creeks.  Spring creeks are those rare and special streams rich in minerals dissolved from limestone.  So where there is limestone bedrock anglers find the best trout streams in the world.

After seventy one years of trout fishing any angler should have some good trout secrets to write about.  However, what has enabled Jay to write with credence are the records he has been keeping since 1975.  He has recorded information on the length of each trout caught over ten inches long.  He also recorded time of day he caught each trout, weather conditions, water temperature, water turbidity, lure used, and where each trout was caught in the stream.

In 2013, he put facts and figures together to discover July, not March and April, is the best time to catch trout over seventeen inches long in the Driftless Region of Southwestern Wisconsin.  Read to find out why.  He writes about where and when to fish trout in Spring Creek Reward.  And they will probably wonder, as Jay often had, "Why didn't I figure that out years ago?"

His research reveals the power of nature to heal the body and how fishing trout contributes to enjoying the good life. There is some duplication in the book regarding water temperature and fishing under cloud cover, but that is intentional.  Those two factors are so very important, Jay presented them in more than one way so all anglers could easily remember.  Spring Creek Reward has the potential to do more than help you enjoy trout fishing and catch more trout -- it could change your life forever.


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