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August and September Trout Fishing PDF Print E-mail
Trout Tips
Written by Jay Ford Thurston   
Sunday, 31 July 2011 09:44

Trout Tips from, Spring Creek Treasure, pgs. 306 - 309

108.  At 67 degrees trout quit feeding, therefore, you should move upstream to cooler water or quit fishing.

129.  The grasshopper is an excellent free bait for August and September fishing.  The fly angler should try a weighted Joe's Hopper.   

134.  During the last two months of the season fish the upper third of the trout stream.

135.  Use a nymph fly tied by John Bethke, the Pink Squirrel, in spring creeks.

141.  After the first leaves turn in late August brown trout become territorial and they will smash your lure even when not hungry.

143.  In late August the time of day to fish can change from early to late morning.  And in September it can change to the middle of the day.